We sometimes produce works with an active involvement of our Clients, however it often happens that we work based solely on e-mail correspondence or telephone discussions. We succeed in those, too, they might only require some more time – sometimes. We always set the mode of the process individually and directly in contact with our Clients.

We send inkjet print and c-print samples – a very important step, for our Clients to be able to evaluate and either tweak or accept, and so give us a „thumbs up" on the production – through couriers (options: economy or priority).
Final inkjet or c-prints set off towards their destinations in sealed and stern packages.
We pack framed pieces or frames in handmade professional and safe transportation crates which we may – depending on the needs and individual requests of our Clients – send off to a location of choice all over the world i.e. through dedicated transportation service.

We discuss all of the options and possibilities with our Clients based on the needs and specifics of the particular project, with those in mind we also prepare the quote for the transportation service required.

Please contact us for more details!