We are a Team of specialists with a wide range of experience in photographic processing and exhibition production. Operating from our innovatory and state-of-the-art Krakow photo lab, we offer a comprehensive list of services in support of professional artistic projects, including: film processing, scanning, printing, retouching, framing, transport and installation of works, etc.


Our technicians and advisers, sensitive to the individual creative and technical needs of a given project and artistic or curatorial vision, are able to provide professional advice with regards to the optimal technologies, techniques, and materials available.

With years of experience in working with artists and institutions both in Poland and abroad, we understand the value and indeed necessity of close cooperation and communication. We offer technical and consultative support from the nascent concept evolution and darkroom processing stages of a project, all the way through to the design and arrangement of a physical exhibition space.

At Lablab, we also strongly believe that "state-of-the-art" means very little if it is not placed in the hands of those with an innate understanding of core methods and underlying processes; our Team is therefore comprised of specialists intimately familiar with the ways in which foundational analogue knowledge, craft, and attention to detail can supplement the use of groundbreaking equipment and technologies.

Which is to say:
We are analogue. We are digital.
We are cutting-edge and meticulously "by hand" all at once.
We are Lablab.
You give us your negatives, and we do all the rest.

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